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Titolo (provvisorio): Development of a multidisciplinary platform MIMAS database for early diagnosis of motor dysfunctions in newborns

Relatore/i: Fato Marco Massimo, Massimiliano Izzo, PhD - Ospedale G. Gaslini - Maura Casadio - DIBRIS E-mail:
Indirizzo: Viale Causa 13 - Piano -1 Tel.: (+39) 010 33 52789

Motivazione e campo di applicazione
MIMAS (Markerless Infant Movement Analysis System) is a software package developed at the University of Hiroshima in cooperation with UNIGE & IIT. It uses a single low-cost camera and it provides a number of indicators of natural movements in the cradle to be evaluated immediately after birth for at term as well pre-term children, according to the theory of General Movements. This is considered a promising approach for early identification of children at high risk for developmental disorders.

Obiettivi generali e principali attività
The general objectives and activities are :
1. design and configure the data types required by the project (patient, imaging, video,...)
2. develop and test dedicated modules to store and retrieve bulk data (i.e. files) on the platform
3. install the system on a production server and run performance tests
4. develop a library to upload on the platform al the existing data
5. extract features of interest from the data using SQL analytic tools or machine learning techniques (i.e. clustering)

Obiettivi di apprendimento (strumenti tecnici e analitici, metodologie sperimentali)
The things that I will learn:
1.Object-oriented programming in JavaScript language for a modern server engine (Node)
2.Development, installation, and management of a complex multi-module biomedical platform on a Linux server
3.Schemaless (JSON-based) management of heterogenous biomedical metadata in a relational database (PostgreSQL)
4.Data analysis, using SQL analytics functions or machine learning techniques

Luogo/i in cui si svolgerà il lavoro: Biolab - Ospedale Gaslini

Informazioni aggiuntive

Abilità e capacità richieste: Programmazione, Gestione data-base

Numero massimo di studenti: 1

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