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Titolo (provvisorio): The forward model of a Micro-Pet imaging system

Relatore/i: Boccacci Patrizia, and Anna Maria Massone - Dima Unie E-mail:
Indirizzo: Via Dodecaneso, 35 16146 Genova - ITALY Valletta Puggia - 332 Tel.: (+39) 010 353 6732

Motivazione e campo di applicazione
The goal of this work is to solve the forward problem in image formation of a commercial
Micro-PET used at IRCCS San Martino-IST and obtain realistic data.

Obiettivi generali e principali attività
The data we retrieve from a PET exam, i.e. the number of coincidence events occurred
between pairs of detectors, can be modeled as Poisson variables with mean value depending on the unknown tracer concentration and the Pet scanner sensitivity function.
Many factors influence the sensitivity function, from the geometry of the PET scanner
to the physical processes that take place during data acquisition. Some methods
manage to model the geometrical configuration of the scanner and its response to a radiative
emission. However, many of these don’t take into account the physical effects of the radiation-matter interaction and they are, therefore, insufficient to correctly model a PET exam. To overcome these limits, we plan to use an alternative approach based on Monte Carlo techniques.

Obiettivi di apprendimento (strumenti tecnici e analitici, metodologie sperimentali)
Data acquired by a MicroPet will be simulated using an open source software
called GEANT4 Application for Emission Tomography (GATE) which relies
on Monte Carlo techniques. During the thesis work, the direct problem of the formation of PET images will have to be modeled for a specific commercial scanner. The final result should be the space-variant Point Spread Function that completely characterizes the imaging system.

Luogo/i in cui si svolgerà il lavoro: Dibris- Via Dodecaneso and San Martino-Ist

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