Paolo Massobrio

Qualifica Ricercatore tempo determinato
Insegnamenti (per i Corsi di Studio INGBIO) Bioelettronica (CL3, Ingegneria Biomedica) Computational Neuroscience (CLM, Bioingegneria)
Dipartimento di afferenza DIBRIS
Ufficio Via All'Opera Pia, 13 - 16145 Genova
Numero(i) di telefono (+39) 010 33 52761
Orario di ricevimento telefonare o mandare e-mail
Web-page personale
Web-page del Gruppo/Laboratorio di ricerca (opzionale) Neuroengineering and Bio-nano Technology (NBT)

Paolo Massobrio received the M.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering and the Ph.D. degree in Bioengineering Materials Engineering and Robotics (curriculum: Bioengineering and Bioelectronics) from the University of Genova, Italy, in 2004 and 2008, respectively. Currently he is assistant professor of Bioengineering at DIBRIS. His research activities are in the field of the neuroengineering and computational neuroscience, and they include both experimental and theoretical aspects. In particular, he is currently working on the interplay between dynamics and connectivity in dissociated neuronal assemblies, computational models able to describe the coupling between microtransducers (both metal microelectrodes and FET-based devices). In this field, he is coauthor of 30 peer-reviewed journal papers.

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